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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello there, if you want know about Hytale game FAQ click here.

Reasons for your modification not being approved

Removing content from website

  • If you see something wrong or malicious, please report using the report button.
  • You can remove your modification in any moment if you uploaded using the remove button.

  • Verifications are done manually by humans.

    About us

    Hytale Mods is a open-source Hytale modding community, we are a group of three people called Henry, Tiago and Lorenzo. Our purpose is to make the greatest modding community of Hytale.

    Initially, the project was an idea created by Henry in january 2019, who called friends to help, and the project has become what it is until today, fruit of much work and dedication of those involved.

    Special thanks for Hypixel Studios, Glitch, AlexFlipnote (ModestaCSS) and you for contributing to the existence of this wonderful project!

    And no, we are not affiliated with Hytale or Hypixel Studios, we are just a fan community of the game.

    — From Hytale Mods Team with